Share a Windows directory with FreeDOS

To share a Windows directory with MS Client on FreeDOS:

  • Open Windows Explorer, choose a directory, you want to share. In the example this is C:\SHARE. Right-click it and select “Properties“.
  • Select the “Sharing“-Tab and click “Advanced Sharing“.

  • Check the checkbox “Share this folder” and in “Settings” – “Share name:” give it a name. In the example this is “publicfolder“.
  • Click on “Permissions“.

  • In the example, I chose in “Group or user names:” “Jeder" (everybody) and under “Allow” I checked “Full Control“. Then confirm with “OK“(three times for every window. I guest that’s why they call it “Windows”.)

You should find your share in Explorer under “Network” – “COMPUTERNAME“. You also get a list of your shares if you type at the command prompt:

net share

Connect with FreeDOS

Switch over to FreeDOS and type:

net view

to see the name of your Windows machine. Then connect to that machine and its shared folder. In the example, I type:

net use F: \\windows8-vbox\publicfolder

Congratulations! Now you can access the Windows directory C:\SHARE as drive F: in FreeDOS.
You can always get a list of all connected shares by commanding:

net use

If you want to stop using this share, type:

net use F: /delete

If it doesn’t work…

See Troubleshooting MS Client.

Ulrich Hansen