FreeDOS in a box

You want to run FreeDOS in Oracle Virtual Box? Here are some ready-to-use images. So you don’t have to install everything by hand.

Three images are available:

  1. FreeDOS 1.2” – The exact same image as if you’d install the standard CD of the Free Software project.
  2. FreeDOS 1.2-msc – FreeDOS 1.2 with the addition of MS Client 3.0.
  3. FreeDOS 1.2net” – FreeDOS 1.2, configured and with lots of software for networking. (Not everything is open source).

I created this as a hobby. DOS networking fascinates me. While these images are not officially authorized by the FreeDOS project, I kept everything as clean and simple as possible.

License and sources

FreeDOS is Free Software under GNU GPL. Get the sources from or install them with FDNPKG.

Ulrich Hansen, Mainz 2015, 2017

Ulrich Hansen