Network drivers

In VirtualBox I use the default network adapter, which is the:

PCnet-FAST III (AM79C973)


The manufacturer of the network card is AMD. It has released all necessary drivers:

PCNTPK.COM – a packet driver (for mTCP, WATTCP, Trumpet TCP)

PCNTND.DOS – a NDIS driver for Microsoft Client

PCNTNW.COM – an ODI driver for Novell Netware

Sometimes it’s nice to have more than one driver running: For instance run the mTCP ftpserver while sharing a folder with Windows.

In theory you could just start the packet driver and the NDIS driver. But to keep more memory free, it’s better to start a “shim” that allows us to use NDIS or ODI driver as packet driver.

DIS_PKT9.DOS – transforms the NDIS driver into a packet driver.

ODIPKT.COM – transforms the ODI driver into a packet driver.

These are the drivers we’re going to use.

Ulrich Hansen