“FreeDOS 1.2net” image

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The “FreeDOS 1.2net” image is the “FreeDOS 1.2” image with networking software added:

  • mTCP, version 2015-07-05
  • MS Client 3.0
  • Novell TCP/IP stack
  • Trumpet TCP (NTCP)
  • Arachne Web Browser, v 1.97
  • sshDOS
  • Sioux Webserver
  • ntool, rmenu and other software by Jürgen Hoffmann

I replaced the Norton Commander clone “DOSZIP” with the freeware “Volkov Commander”, which is able to handle connected shares. It is configured to use the freeware PEDIT v4.0 as external editor – I found it more intuitive than the built in editor.

Some of the programs are Free Software, some are freeware or shareware. MS Client is distributed for free by Microsoft and comes preinstalled for your convenience – it should work out of the box.

The origins of the programs and drivers I added to the FreeDOS image can be found here.

This image is a non-commercial hobby project. I created it for FreeDOS users. If you have questions, please contact me.

Ulrich Hansen