Log into your Raspberry Pi

Why not use all that retro networking to log into a modern low-tech gadget?

  • Boot your FreeDOS 1.2net VirtualBox image with option 1.
  • If you didn’t change it, your Raspbian username is “pi” and your password is “raspberry”. So in FreeDOS type:
    ssh2d386 pi raspberrypi


  • Enter your password “raspberry”.


So you logged into your Raspberry Pi. What now? As you might know, I like working with Norton Commander clones. On GNU/Linux the one is called “Midnight Commander”.

  • Type “mc”.


  • OK, that doesn’t look too good. Quit midnight commander with F10. Correct the wrong characters by entering this command:
  • export LANG=C
  • This will export the default language as environment variable for your SSH session. Obviously midnight commander needs this, when started from the FreeDOS SSH client.

  • Now start midnight commander with:
  • mc

So now you can work with your Raspberry from a FreeDOS virtual machine. How cool is that.


EDIT: In an earlier version of this page I gave the tip to edit the file “/etc/profile” on the server and add a last line with the command: “export LANG=C”. While this works too, it will affect all users and all terminals on the server – which might not be what everybody wants.

Ulrich Hansen