Network floppies

To use a boot floppy with VirtualBox, please choose in the menu of the virtual machine:

 "Devices" - "Floppy Devices"

Click on:

"Choose a virtual floppy disk file ..."

and point it to the *.img file, you like to use.


Novell NetWare and MS Client boot disks

Images from the “NetWare Boot Disk” (NwDsk) project by Erwin Veermans.

fd32e.imgNovell Netware 32-bit Client (FreeDOS 1.0)
Support for Ethernet, IP/IPX, CDROM/VC, USB support, TinyHost, ...
dr32e.imgNovell Netware 32-bit Client (OpenDOS)
Support for Ethernet, IP/IPX, pkt driver, TinyHost, CDROM/VC ...
fd16.imgNovell Netware 16-bit Client (FreeDOS 1.0)
Support for IPX, pkt driver, USB/CDROM/VC/LFN/, LPD Print Server, Ping, ...
fdmsrrc.imgBart's Network Boot Disk
This is is the NwDsk variant, based on FreeDOS 1.0 and Microsoft Client 3.0, with USB / CDROM / NTFS / LPD, Remote Recover, updated drivers.


Ulrich Hansen